2021 Year of polluted liquids – a forecast review

On February 12th of this year, I wrote a forecast based on Feng Shui principles for this year. That forecast had two main topics: 1. prediction on environmental impacts and 2. on impacts on human society. Feng Shui and Bazi etc. are predictive tools, meant to forecast difficulties before they arrive in order to prepare ahead. The chinese year of XinChou is only half over, but I think it could help to review what has already developed and what one may learn of it to assess next logical steps. This review deals with environmental impacts and social impacts separately.

Environmental impacts

This year so far has seen an unusual high concentration of floods all over the world. In April, Mekka was hit by a major flood. The month was RenChen. Chen wet eart encountering Chou wet earth.

The month of July brought exceptional floods (of the 100-year type) in Maharashtra and Mumbai (India), Turkey, several floods hit China in July, including dam collapses in northern China, in Europe Germany with its province of Nordrheinwestfalen was hit especially hard in the northern part together with other parts of Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands saw massive flooding, Austria too – the death toll for Europe as of now is at least 200 dead. In the month of July there is a clash of the earthly branches Chou and Wei, both soft earth, combined witha clash of the heavenly stems, Yi and Xin. The month and year pillar clash each other, the earth moves.

In metaphysics, since ancient history, it is often deemed that natural disasters and pestilences are a response of Heaven for the wrongdoings of humanity. The timeframes of the response (rewards or retribution) is scheduled, that is why it can be forecasted. Such schedules are present in macro situations (countries, societies), as well as in micro situations (individuals have their own Bazi read). They might be called carmic responses (following the cause & effect logic). With those floods, the earth gets mixed into the water, resulting in polluted liquids.

Few people nowadays believe in something like destiny and therefore do not give much attention to Feng Shui forecasts. That is quite alright, the idea that anybody has a say in their presently ongoing destiny is helpful. Most people nowadays believe in scientific, politcal or materialistic approaches. So why were thousands of people in Germany, a highly developed country, caught in their sleep by those horrific floods? Did the weathermen fail to issue their warnings? No they did not. The warnings came in time and with reason. If you understand German, watch this:

In contrast, watch the official press conference performance of the German ministress in charge, an individual who obviously was not aware of her responsibilty and duty for alerting her people even a week after the catastrophe happened. It is very painful to watch this knowing that 200 died and thousands became homeless over night, just because politicians of such a caliber seem to care for little more but the perfection of their blow dried hair.

If it is true that catastrophes like this are retributions or punishments, why does the populace get punished and not such politicians, whose incompetence and total lack of care borders to a crime?

A few words on the general building politics and policies after the sixties in Germany from the viewpoint of me being a geologist. The german area which was hit hard by this years flood was hit by a flood of a similar magnitude before back in 1804, when 60 persons died – housing density was far less back then. This makes this flood not a millenium flood, but a centennial flood. German geologists about a hundred years ago were well aware of the dangers and surveyed accurate maps for potential areas of flood disasters, based on the sedimentological records. I have seen those maps myself. What I also saw, was the fact that especially after the 1960ies, those maps were widely ignored in the entirety of Germany. In the area of the current disaster, housing was traditionally built in zones of 100 year floods danger. But in most other parts of Germany, including my home village, the building boom from 1990 until today plastered those high risk zones with residential buildings. It cannot be undone, and putting the outfall ditch 2m lower just does not help in a 100-year scenario, let alone in a 1000 year scenario. That is what the people building their houses there do not know. They have been sold out by a corrupt class of politicians. Building in those zones is like playing russian roulette.

Social impacts

The polluted liquids of 2021 manifest on a social level via the so called „vaccines“. The word itself is a lie, because this is not a classical vaccine, but a RNA modificator. It does not make anybody immune against the virus and it does not claim to do so. What it actually does is hard to say. But it is easy to see that the way it is enforced is based on deception and the design of the campaign is aimed on splitting the society into „believers“ and „non believers“, as well as putting those ones who refuse the shots into some type of second class citizenry.

In the USA there is a lawsuit on the way which alleges the government to hide 45000 vaccination shot related deaths since the start of the inoculation campaign, this is for the USA alone. Read that article for your own information and perhaps think about if you really want to have yourself inoculated with an engineered liquid of which the manufacturers are exempted of any liabilty for possible damages and where the table of contents of the serum is left blank.

2021, the year of polluted liquids.