2021 Year of polluted liquids

Today the Chinese New Year officially starts. Lets have a look at some annual Stars and the year pillar of Xin-Chou.

The year pillar has Yin Metal Xin in the Heavenly Stem. Traditionally Xin can symbolise precious jewels, but also a small knife or a needle. Small, sharp or pointed shiny metal items are the idea. It can penetrate deep without much effort. Its essence is sharp and concentrated.
In the Earthly branch there is the Ox, Chou. Chou is made of cold but soft and wet Earth or smeary or slippery soil. Chou also is the grave of Metal. Chou also stores Water, which makes it smeary and dirty. Chou is the ugliest of all 12 Earthly branches. Yet in Chinese Metaphysics, the Ox has highly intuitive powers, it is said to be able to see Yin forces like the ghosts of the dead. Xin sitting on its grave in Chou will bring about the essence, whatever that may be. While it does so, it becomes smeared and dirty itself.

In the annual Star chart for 2021, Star No. 2 Kun lands in the North, the palace of Water.

Kun again is soft Earth or soil, but Kun is hot.The Water palace clashes with Kun. We may see more landslides or collapses of soil, or floods, induced by Water, especially in the North. Hot Earth meeting cold Water also is an image for blood related sicknesses, fever, or dirty liquids in general.

In both images we find polluted liquids and unstable Earth. Earth also symbolises the flesh on the body. When one looks at the image of Xin-Chou, one may also see a syringe being put into a little flask containing liquid.

That is what a nurse does when she loads the syringe before she puts it in your flesh. What may be the essence she pulls up? Beware of polluted liquids being shot into your blood, especially in this year, where there is only one topic in the news, and the News is always about sickness and fear of Death.