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Feng Shui Exkursion Basel

  • Wann: Sonntag, 1.9.2024, Start 10:45, Dauer ca. 3h
  • Wo: Start auf der Pfalz hinter dem Münster – Kunstmuseum – Aeschenplatz – Markthalle
  • Was: Feng Shui gleich Möbelrücken? Denkste!:
    Das Feng Shui der Macht und des Adels – was ist Qi – Wesen, Ausdruck und Anwendung der 5 Wandlungsphasen – Yin & Yang – Kirchenstandorte – Sha Qi & Sheng Qi – Brücken und Wohlstand – Berge & Ströme – Feng Shui Drachen – Die fünf Tiere (räumliche Richtungen im Feng Shui) und deren Anwendung – Bäume im Feng Shui – das Feng Shui der Gestalt
    Plus: Fragen werden beantwortet!
  • Sprache: Entweder auf Deutsch oder Englisch
  • Wieviel: CHF 50.- pro Person
  • Anmeldung erforderlich: walter at othala dot me


  • When: Sunday 1.9.2024, starting 10:45, ca. 3hs
  • Where: Starting at the Pfalz behind the Münster – – Kunstmuseum – Aeschenplatz – Markthalle
  • What: Feng Shui is about shifting furniture? That´s what you thought!:
    The Feng Shui of Power and Aristocracy – what is Qi – nature, expression and usage of the 5 phases – Yin & Yang – Placement of churches – Sha Qi & Sheng Qi – Bridges and Wealth – Mountains and streams – Feng Shui Dragons – the five spatial animals in Feng Shui and their usage – Trees in Feng Shui – the Feng Shui of forms
    Plus: Questions be answered!
  • How much: CHF 50.- per person
  • Registration required: walter at othala dot me


If you feel i would be the matching Feng Shui consultant for you, drop me an e-mail to walter at othala dot me. I offer:

Feng Shui

– Onsite consultation
– Remote consultation
– Remote assessment of an adress or a place

Yi Jing

Find out how to best proceed in harmony with the time and circumstances.
Personal consultation: CHF 180.-
Remote consultation: CHF 90.-

Ironplate Calculation (Tie Ban Shen Shu)

Discover the main road of your fate. Find out the main assignments you get from your fate. Is it gaining fame and reputation? Is it paying back old karma for the main part? Is it being successful and if, at which times? Etc.
As i see it there are two main uses for knowing your fate: 1. knowing when bad times are ahead and making adjustments, 2. knowing when prosperous times are ahead to put in all energy for best success.
Ups and downs are part of life. The Ironplate provides a fate map for life, based on your birthtime and -location.
Example divination


Short term advice (max. 2-3 months) for any situation.

– Online consultation CHF 49.-
– Personal consultation: CHF 99.-

Send your message to: walter[at]othala.me

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