Othala Feng Shui

How can I live better? – Inquire your Feng Shui.
What can I do? – Inquire the Yi Jing.
Which road is laid out by fate for me? – Inquire the Ironplate.

Feng Shui

The Art of evaluating outer objects like mountains, hills, trees, buildings, rivers, streets, water features etc. as well as organising the interior of a home like floorplan, placement of doors, bed, stove, pictures, patterns, symbols etc. for their impact on the individual by enhancing benign influences while weakening or neutralising inauspicious influences to enhance the luck of the persons living in a place.
Onsite consultation (required: adress, floorplans, birthplace, birthdate & birthtime): Euro 999.-
Remote consultation (required: adress, floorplans, birthplace, birthdate & birthtime): Euro 666.-
Remote assessment of an adress or a place via Google Earth: Euro 333.-

Yi Jing

Assessing a situation by divining the quality of time to find out how to proceed in a given situation for best effect.
Personal consultation: Euro 180.-
Remote consultation: Euro 90.-

Ironplate Calculation (Tie Ban Shen Shu)

A fate map for life based on your birthtime. Helps you to make peace with your fate. Translations of the original ancient chinese lines for each ten year period and every flowing year and month for the life of a person.
Example divination