King Artus vs. Yellow Emperor Feng Shui

Long time ago, at the era of legendary King Artus, there was a castle. That certain castle faced many problems, all kinds of mishaps and bad things were happening there. One day, a wise wizard visited the castle. The chief of the castle asked the wizard:
„What is the reason i have such trouble with this place? I own several other, but none gives me the headaches like this one!“.
The wizard investigated the place, an when he came back to the chief he explained:
„The reason this castle is facing so many problems is because below in the ground there are two dragons fighting with each other. One of them is green and the other is red“.

I read this story a long time ago, way before I even heard of Chinese Feng Shui. Back then I wondered what these „Dragons“ of different colour would possibly be. It certainly had something to do with the energy field of the land. Back then I could only think of dowsing.

Now that I translated the Yellow Emperors Classic of Sites, I find the same terminology as in that King Artus story. However, the Yellow Emperor explains these two types of Dragons and how they need to be treated in detail. One is red and in charge of Yang, the other is green or black and in charge of Yin. What that wizard found, the Chinese would call it a Yin Yang conflict below in the ground, which is serious.

Believe it or not, Feng Shui was heritage of Europe too. The Druids had it, the Romans had it, and when you look at churches older than 800 years in Europe, they tend to be built by observing powerful Feng Shui principles of landform, even though it did not have the same name, it had the same principles. In fact, one can reverse engineer quite a bit by observing and studying the Feng Shui of old churches. E.g. check the cathedral in Besancon, just as an example. That thing´s Feng Shui is perfect. However, you will miss the Feng Shui once you neglect studying the outer landforms.

Now what do these red and green Dragons may look like? I drew it on a sketch for you. My painting skills are below average, that funny thing in the middle is supposed to represent the Dragon:

Yang Dragon is red.

Yin dragon is green.

Red (Yang) or green (Yin) Dragon is used to fix a site, using specific rules according to their inherent nature of Yin and Yang as well as according to the nature and purpose of the site.

Believe it or not: your house and any other has this Dragon too! Your village or city has them, your province has them and even your country has them. If you want to use these Dragons, just follow the rules written down by the Yellow Emperor. The way by which you can do this is by repairing or building, developing or extending your site. Some of them, like the Great Sun and the Great Moon formula or the notorious Yellow 5 even made it to most contemporary Feng Shui classes worth their money.

So why King Artus Feng Shui versus Yellow Emperor Feng Shui when it is basically the same? Well, Europe has failed to preserve this wisdom in the common perception, China yet still applies it.