Rings of Power


Word, picture, writings are more powerful than any sword or weapon, yeah yeah. They do not kill, they project an image. No one can avoid the word or image. The simpler the image, word, message, the easier to be imprinted in any mind.

Jede Propaganda hat […] ihr geistiges Niveau einzustellen nach der Aufnahmefähigkeit des Beschränktesten unter denen, an die sie sich zu richten gedenkt.

(„Any propaganda needs to be tailored towards the dumbest of the people at which it is aimed at“)

Adolf Hitler

Propaganda is best when the receiver does not identify it as such, so no or little rejection takes place. No rejection also means no choice and no alternatives.

Alternativlos („without alternatives“, a term coined for the hew way of politics)

Angela Merkel

The less topics and themes available, the less can be discussed. The world becomes very simple. A simple world can be dominated easier. Simple minds will not discuss, they do not know what and how.

But the world is complicated?

For the simple mind, the world usually is not complicated. It is mysterious. Someone else needs to explain it, someone in the know of the higher forces. I am not joking when I point out there recently has been an article in a major swiss newspaper explaining the mechanics of sunrise and sunset.

Rings of Power

Every circle of people can be seen as a ring of power, because ideas are exchanged there. This is natural and human. It does not really matter what the ring is about, if it is about breeding rabbits, a local gun club, or whatever, all of them have their own policies and politics.
In a „perfect“ world, these rings would overlap and people communicate their ideas freely. One might image that idea like this:

Politics always has been about influencing or controlling these rings. In the past, to syphon in different people into an overarching theme of politics, we had a 3-4 party systems, in the US a two party system. As the skeletal hulls of these still stand and are funtional on the outside surface, in fact there is no dissent or divergence. What we now have is a one party system gaining to achieve a one ring of world superpower. The wet dream of any dictatorship. This can only be done once a major all encompassing ring of power, one singular streamlined thinking, encompasses and binds all lesser rings.

Lesser rings as indicated above would be any diverging exchanges of ideas between people.

Usually, the topics of such lesser rings rotate around an axis, some type of interest. The all encompassing ring is set by the main streamlinded fake media, offering no more than 3 topics at a time and repeating those until dementia. But not that many are that braindead yet, and smaller circles still compete by exchanging their ideas. To gain and maintain control over them, rigid censorship is not well received by the members of those circles. One needs to divide them to conquer – dividing in this context is meant as separating. See image above. Those rings do not overlap. As for the first time in history, this is possible by computer algorythms. Have you ever noticed that Google or Youtube put you in a confined circle of interest once you used these platform a few times? If you were interested in unicorns, only unicorn stuff shows up. Etc. Simplicity becomes confinement. Algorhythmical cages. You won´t know what else exists. Gone the time standing in a library and being able to browse hundreds of very different topics when sitting in front of Google. You are bound by a ring of your liking, controlled by someone else.

For an analogy, lets look at a watch. The frontside shows the time, it gives the unified message. It shows unified standard time. Just like a unified standard ideology.

Once you flip the watch over and open the hull, the thing looks pretty different, one sees lots of cogs or rings of different sizes and turning at different speeds.

Compare with the first image and you see a big circle (the hull of the watch) encompassing many small ones. The small ones all have their own axis and spin around themselves. Just like your local club. By separating them and giving algorhythm controlled spin to each single one, a general overarching message is sent into forming a bigger one, without any cog or ring knowing about the other. Control the small rings and spin them for the bigger message.

Forcing you into a smaller ring

The Corona policies force anybody out of direct contact with fellow humans and more into the world of the machines and algorhythms. Individuals can be tracked and confined way easier than ever before. We are dependent on these machines now. What once was supposed to served us, now we do serve to it. The more fragmented a society, the easier to steer it from above. But just like any mechanical watch with its blue steel feather, this Google machine still needs and uses some force. Some people yet still do not like it. So it would be best to neutralise society in itself. Throughout history, that best can be done through fear.

Neutralising smaller rings against each other

Again, „Corona“ (that means „ring“) is a perfect tool to do this. One societal ring may be under fear of death by the sickness. Another may be under fear of death by poverty. Another might be under fear of total dictatorship because of the deep cuts into individual freedom. All of these groups are right. And they use up their own force to fight each other about who is right. What a waste. Many may think that nothing ever will change, because it should not. This, when right now everything is changing. All these rings are designed to keep out the things nobody talks about, until the point the words are not there to talk about it. The good thing about this is, such attempts never in history succeeded, because the loss of language backfires on those who manufactured it. Once again a recent example of stremlined media, where it said an arrest warrant was issued against a „vegan extremist“ on the grounds of the good old Nazi law of „incitement of the people“ (Volksverhetzung“). And I thought the vegans were supposed to be the saviours of the world? Stupid me, I forgot Hitler was a fanatic vegetarian too…

Stay sharp and maybe perhaps check in on a different ring of society from time to time. Check in on what nobody talks about.

Or, do what you are told and proceed into a smaller ring of mental confinement. It just may feel safer there when nothing seems to be safe anymore, not even talking to fellow humans in person. Just trust the simple one world party?

War Is Peace. Freedom Is Slavery. Ignorance Is Strength.

George Orwell, „1984“