Masters of this World

Authority is very much esteemed in classical Chinese Metaphysics. Authority is where the power is, it is the Officer, the Official, the Emperor, the legit peak top of the pyramid. In a perfect system viewed the classical Chinese way, the best Emperor would hardly be known by anybody, but infuse his ethics into his people by living an exemplary life. Nobody would be aware of this but follow the example anyway. That is the best type of leader. The second best is the one eveybody loves. The third best is that one who everybody fears. The worst is that one who everybody laughs at. Those are the four types of the Masters of this world, besides those who are legit and those who are not. In Chinese Metaphysics, like Bazi etc., the Authority or Officer should be well rooted to control the Self and protected from attacks of Expression of the Self. If the Officer is hidden also, that is best, so no one would know where to attack at.

These ideas are rooted and displayed in the basic cycle of the five phases, or the 10 Gods with their Yin and Yang. Officer equals Emperor or legal government and Seven killings the outlaw, rogue, bandit, or revolutionary. The rogue is not in government, but he can exert it from outside just the same.

This is the basic cycle:

„Self“ equals the individual person, or the people of a nation. „Expression“ is exactly that, either self expression, or the work of the people. Wealth is generated out of that expression. Wealth or money enables Power or Authority. But exerting Power weakens Wealth. Power is enabling to edit decrees, so Seal is a representation for that, think of your piece of paper like a diploma etc. proving to others your are fit doing your job. Seal enables or disables, furthers or hampers people, depending of the verdict sealed by it.

The true Masters of this world just revealed themselves

The true Masters of this world are not elected by the people nor do they have official power on direct legislation. This statement may come with some surprise as well as scepticism, so i just give a quote dating from 29th of June 2021:


Who is the WEF? It is the World Economic Forum, its power centre is located in Basel, Switzerland. Represented by the head of the BIS, the Bank of International Settlements. Now that private group is not anymore hidden, but openly going for world regulation. The last time something like that succeeded in a major way, was with the Roman Church and their inquisition. The Vatican certainly knows deep Feng Shui secrets and it was always smart enough to stay hidden and let the legislation be the legislation. Now these WEF guys are at the helm of becoming a world inquisition, because they need it. Where would we be when whatever guy could voice out what ever his opinion is? All them not in line with the WEF are rogues, extremists, terrorists and enemies of children. That is what it reads.

Well, from my perspective, the disposal over money these WEF guys no doubt have, enabled them to be powerful. The power to regulate people was with the government, what we see is an open attempt for mastership over the world by the WEF. Anybody who still claims such thoughts to be „conspiracy theories“ is either a goon of the WEF, or unable to comprehend what they themselves do express openly. The problem for the WEF in comparison to the Vatican in the old days though is, the Vatican had by their church recesses as well as the unavailabilty of much general information, complete power over the media of the medival times. Heresy was equal to a death sentence. But these days less and less people watch TV or read the press. So the problem for the WEF as well as for any tyrannywas and is free speech. Nowadays mainly on the Internet.

The WEF by design is not responsible nor legit for moderation of speech, health care politics, terrorism, or exploitation of children. That is the domain of the Official governments in legal authority. The WEf implicitly claims all they need is „public private cooperation“, no state, no legislation or such. Viewed by this perspective, the WEF has to be seen as representing the force of Seven Killings, the force challenging the state and order.

The BIS and the Feng Shui of its headquarters

The golden tower of the BIS is located next to the Basel central station.

Source: Wikipedia, Copyleft

This tower was erected in 1977 in a pretty good macro-environment situation. If you look at the basic formulae for the building, they are good for money but not so good for keeping a long term legacy. With entering XK period 9, matters get hot now for the 6-star it was built under. The plot it is built on is not under the legislation of the Swiss state, it is an extraterritorial zone. The BIS´s endevours flourished from 1977 onwards. The big Feng Shui problem for the BIS originated in the year of the pig of 2019. When I saw it back then, I had a prediction in my mind: it will take about five years from then until the BIS is in perceivable trouble and about 10 years until their power is greatly diminished. Years with key events should be 2023 and 2027. All along these times fierce struggle for the BIS ahead.

Perhaps read this article in 2029 and see how it played out for the BIS and the WEF being Masters of the world then. In case this article is not available anymore, chances are high they succeeded in their goals, or my Feng Shui skills suck too much.