Insects at home – Feng Shui

This article is NOT about the display of figurines of insects in Feng Shui. Figurines of insects inside of the home may sometimes be useful items as seen from a Feng Shui perspective, but encountering alive insects inside, in most cases ist not a good thing. One principle by which to evaluate the occurrence of insects inside the home would be „like goes with alike“. There is also a difference if wether there is some occasional singular one entering the home every now or then, or if there is sth. like an intrusion or even an invasion of them. In general, most insects should be taken out of the home to the outside, preferably without killing them. Some examples.

Insect psychology and Feng Shui

Insects organised in a state like structure

Find out what type of psychology the insect is functioning at. Some, like bees, wasps, or ants, are so highly organised that their behaviour lets us put the term „state“ to the hives and colonies they form. They claim territory and they defend it. Of course they do have their central Queen too. All of those are very industrious and diligent and they act strategically as a collective, however like on auto pilot, or even machines. This is in analogy with the autonomous nervous system.
Bees collect and produce, wasps hunt, rob and kill and ants collect, rob and kill. All of them are more or less poisonous. All of them need the potential of harmful or disruptive earth field zones („Störzonen“) to maintain their own capitals healthy. None of them you want inside of your home or house. Observe which room they try to inhabitate and you know which family member and which area of life has the synchronous effects to deal with. Ants most of the time do not fly, but bees and wasps do. While bees and wasps sometimes use a human home but still fly and roam towards the outside, ants tend to keep inside of the house once there. So bees and wasps synchronicity in Feng Shui would be seen in external matters, ant problems by internal matters. All of them would create anxiety or insecurity. In an insect state, the individual is nothing, but the collective is everything, with the exception of the queen.

Insects not organised in states, but in masses

Other insects, like roaches, or some types of beetles, are not organised in state-like structures, but can occur or gather in masses. This is always a warning sign, you would need to be extra careful to guard against bad luck, or infestation. Although those creatures do usually not predate, they still steal and spoil your resources and your space. Other than ants or bees, they most of the time like to hide themselves away from your sight, they like to clandestinely steal. So the problem in synchronicity may be something you ignore, you do not like to look at it at all. In the case of flies on the other hand the annoyance is prevalent. Mosquitos, deduce the same way.

Solitary insects

The main category here are spiders (yeah I know, these are not called insects by science, but arachnids) . With the exception of the highly poisonous ones (which we not yet do have many of, or none in Northern Europe), spiders usually are the least problematic. Yes, they hunt and kill, but most of the time they hunt the creeps that steal from you. Also, many of them are very protective of their young. They may indicate Yin issues, or issues related with women. It is best to get them out alive, cob webs are the main problem they produce. Cob webs in Feng Shui relate to health problems.

Peculiar or rare insects

Should you encounter an unusual or very rare inesct, take notice. E.g. in case the Praying Mantis is rare in your area, but it invites itself into your home, then it might be useful to study what type of insect that is. The Mantis is a predator of the type that its prey does not see it until it is caught in its fangs and eaten alive. The Mantis remains motionless and blends into its surroundings while it scrutinises every little motion, thereby looking like just another twig or a blade of grass. When it acts, it is in a sudden lighting strike alike movement.

Insect remains

Any bodily remains of insects are harmful in Feng Shui, either inside or outside the house. No good luck ever comes from dead insect bodies, sucked out or abandaoned insect hulls, their dirt, or anything they once produced. As it is the good practice of a decent house wife to keep the house clean and free of such dirt, this is also good practice in Feng Shui. Insects belong to the realm of Yin, what we want most of the time inside of the house is a gain in Yang.