Feng Shui solving Problems

One may call Feng Shui and Art and a Craft of Co-Incidence. It works in mysterious ways, its not strictly logical, you cannot pinpoint cause and effect. Therefore, most of the time i ask for hallmarks of my clients, so that they and i know the centermark has been hit.

Problem: Mobbed, overworked, underpaid

Once a woman came and asked: „I work three jobs, money is not enough though and at one of these jobs i get mobbed very badly. I feel messed up, I can´t go on like this, can you do sth with your Feng Shui please!“. „What do you want?“ I asked in return.

Problem: Mobbed, overworked, underpaid

It then took about 2 weeks until she was ready to formulate what she wants: „I want the Mobbing to stop, work less and have more money at the end of the month.“.

Ok, thats sth i can work with. I checked her apartment, fortunately enough she had a door to a small garden with some steps downwards i could utilise for optimisation of her water Chi, as her problems were mainly water related.
I then asked her to buy two large 200-300 liter containers (the bigger the better!) which are used for collecting rainwater, place them at certain spots in relation to her backdoor and to put a solar driven little waterpump in one of the containers, sending the water in a certain direction that would activate her money Chi.

A powerful Feng Shui Cure such a simple thing can be…

Additionally she had to fill the containers with water at 5:30 in the morning of a given day which i calculated matching her astrological chart. Her response was instant and strong: „What, i´m NOT gonna go to the hardware store and buy any containers for water, what an outrageous expenditure in money and time!!!„. I´ve been there before, often people don´t want to do what works because it´s related to their own effort. After all, Feng Shui is supposed to be sth. with „Wellness“ and has to be „effortless“, one just lays back and the Feng Shui does all the work, isnt it, no? No, sorry, it isnt. Thats one of the reasons why people have to pay me upfront while giving me marks to hit.

3 Weeks later, peak of problems

So she did nothing and i heard nothing until three weeks later: „Ey man, its gotten so bad I´m going crazy here, please do something!“. What to do… so I replied: „Sorry to hear that, but I aint got no other Feng Shui solution for you than installing these water features. Perhaps you try a different Feng Shui practitioner?“. So finally she decided to go all the way to the hardware store and buy these expensive huge water containers. The activation day which I calculated for her had already passed, so I had to find another date for her. This time it was a little earlier also. But she had too much pressure from her worklife now, so she bravely did as prescribed.

Another 6 weeks later, problems solved

I didnt hear anything from her for six weeks, so i decided to check on what has happened. Most of the time when you dont hear anything, things are good. In her case she reported: „That was a hell of a ride after i filled these containers! In the same week these people who mobbed me got so much on my nerves that i called them out on their BS and quit that job on the spot. That felt really good! Having not enough income to pay the rent, I then reported my new situation to the employment office and they told me I had fallen below a certain treshold of income, so I could now file for some social security law.“.

Mobbing stopped, less work, more money.

As a final result, all of this ended with „her being mobbed stopped, she working less and having more money at the end of the month„.

I couldnt have predicted the way the outcome manifested in any way. Feng Shui works in mysterious ways, coincidental, not driven by ordinary cause and effect relationships. Would her situation have resolved anyways without her doing the Feng Shui? Who knows. I just know she got what she wanted once she installed the proper Feng Shui adjustments.