2021 Feng Shui Afflictions

The sectors for 2021 afflicted with inauspicious Feng Shui influences

The Chinese New Year begins on the twelth of February 2021. The year of the Rat will end and the year of the Ox will start. As in any new year, some of the directional Feng Shui influences will change to a different direction. The ones described here apply to any house or home:

  1. As the new year is a year of the Ox, the Ox will have the Tai Sui within its sector. If you can manage it, then do not sit facing the Northeast 1 sector, which is occupied by the Ox (Chou mountain on the Lo Pan compass). If one faces it directly for longer periods, one may face with obstacles or strong opposition. It is best to have the Tai Sui in the back, which will turn the effect around and one may overcome obstacles more easily. The Tai Sui sector does not like to be disturbed, so if you have to make major renovations, then apply proper dates to minimise its effect.
  2. Diagonally across the Tai Sui sector lies the Sui Po energy. As well, try to not disturb it. It is good to face this direction of the Goat or Wei mountain on the chinese compass.
  3. The annual San Sha (or 3 Killings) fall into the entire East sector. The Ox belongs to the Metal frame in San He Feng Shui and will be in active conflict with the Wood element. The Wood direction is East. Again, no major renovations here, no ground digging, no major disturbances. If you really have to disturb the East sector, then start in the Northeast sector and slowly work your way towards the San Sha area. Starting in the Southeast is not advised, as this year there dwells the yellow five.
  4. Into the Southeast sector, flies the annual yellow Five star. This is one of the annual stars, its element is Earth and it can be pacified by the Metal element. It especially does not like any strong or continued movement, as well as the disturbances provoking the other influences already described.

The better annual stars for 2021 will fly into the Northeast sector (9), the South sector (1) and to some lesser extent into the West sector (8). These are general suggestions, for more precise Feng Shui divination the influences of your actual environmet and your horoscope are more important.