The signs of the Zodiac

zodiacThe signs of the western Zodiac as well as of the eastern Zodiac can be used to establish twelve fields with more or less confined themes or patterns. These patterns are influenced and governed by time. Time and space are connected and as everything in this world has got a space, it also has got its time. As all things are connected because they do not exist without each other, it becomes beneficial to do the things one wants to do in accordance to the correct timing. This is the use of the planetary positions within the Zodiac.

The effect on the body-region or other correlated theme within the time of the respective Zodiac-animal multiplies at that time. One can support a specific organ much better in the respective sign, like when you want to care for your eyes, then do it within moon in Aries. Surgical operations however should not be done in that sign but in another.

The twelve signs of the western Zodiac are:


ariesTime 21.3.-19.4., general traits: Element fire. Ascending force. Ruler: Mars. Motto: „I am“.
Aries is ambitious and impatient, impulsive. It is the starting point of the Zodiac, so new beginnings are good. Aries can be used for the direct approach or a breakthrough. Most effective Aries days occur in October at full moon in Aries. This general rule applies for the other signs as well.

Waxing moon from October until April, waning moon from April until October.

Body: Head, eyes, brain. Best used to nurture these body regions. No surgical operations at head, eyes, brain on days with moon in Aries.

Garden: Fruits. Very beneficial: Sowing and planting of anything fast growing and intended for instant use. Meliorating of fruit trees at waxing moon. Harvesting and storing of grain.

Beneficial: Sowing and planting of fruits. Sowing of grain with waxing moon. Fertilizing of grain, vegetables and fruit necessarily with waning moon or full moon from April until September. Tree-cutting with waning moon.


taurusTime 20.4.-20.5., general traits: Element earth. Ascending force. Ruler: Venus. Motto: „I have“.
„Realism“ and material safety are most important. Conservative. Tenacity and endurance are the means of success. This sign is not fast but enduring.

Waxing moon from November until May, waning moon from May until November.

Body: Neck and throat, voice, teeth, ears.

Garden: Roots. Very beneficial: Sowing and planting of trees, bushes, hedges and vegetables for roots. Everything grows slow and steady, the harvest can be used very well for winter-storage.

Beneficial: creating a dungheap or compostmound with waning moon from May until October, killing vermin living in the earth, fertilising flowers with weak roots, conserving and storing of roots like carrots, potatoes etc.


geminiTime 21.5.-21.6., general traits: Element air. Both ascending and descending force. Ruler: Mercury. Motto: „I think“.
The mind is active, versatile and it likes to jump from topic to topic, it can easily be distracted. The forces branch out and reach every angle. With moon in Gemini the weather often changes.

Waxing moon from December until June, waning moon from June until December.

Body: shoulders and arms.

Garden: Blossoms. Very beneficial: sowing and planting of any creeper plants like grapes, beans etc.

Beneficial: sowing and planting flowers. Killing vermin. Fertilising flowers which do not blossom well anymore – careful: too much fertilising will attracts vine fretters.


cancerTime: 22.6-22.7., general traits: Element water. Descending force. Ruler: Moon. Motto: „I feel“.
Deep, colourful and thick feelings. No solid ground. Growth into every direction. Restlessness.

Waxing moon from January until June, waning moon from June until January.

Body: Liver,gall, lungs, chest.

Garden: Foliage and leafs. Very beneficial: sowing and plantig of foliage-vegetables like salad etc. in waning moon. Killing of above ground vermin.

Beneficial: Mowing the lawn with waxing moon. Watering of indoor- and balcony plants. Fertilising flowers.

Unfavorable: sowing and plantig of plants which should grow tall. Cutting of trees, especially unfavorable with waxing moon in spring, and full moon in cancer. Storing and conserving any goods.


leoTime: 23.7.-22.8., general traits: Element fire. Descending force. Ruler: Sun. Motto: „I want“.
Decisiveness. Borders get shaken. Risk-seeking. Desiccating fire.

Waxing moon from February until August, waning moon from August until February.

Body: Spine, Heart, Blood, circulation.

Garden: Fruits. Very beneficial: collecting herbs for heart and circulation. Pruning fruit trees with the waning moon. Best days for sowing grain on wet fields.

Beneficial: Sowing grass with waxing moon. Sowing and planting of fruits (but no fruits needing lots of water like tomatoes or potatoes). Planting of perishable vegetables. Planting of trees and bushes. Meliorating fruit trees.

Unfavorable: Usage of chemical fertiliser. Weeding. Producing Sauerkraut.


virgoTime: 22.8.-23.9., general traits: Element earth. Descending force. Ruler: Mercury. Motto: „I scrutinise“.
Logical thinking. Methodical and orderly. Compartmentalising to make sth usable.

Waxing moon from March until September, waning moon from September until March.

Body: intestines, digestion.

Garden: Roots. Best days for anything regarding planting and replanting. Herbs for the digestive system and cleansing of blood like Urtica are best collected with moon in Virgo. Very beneficial: All kinds of sowing and planting. Will grow good. Planting of singular tree which shall be very tall. Planting of fast growing hedges and bushes. Replanting of old trees in spring or autumn. Repotting of indoor plants. Sowing of the lawn. with waxing moon. Planting of shoots with waxing moon, in autumn with waning moon.

Beneficial: Creating a dungheap or compostmound with waning moon. All kinds of fertilising. Killing vermin in the earth. Fertilising flowers with weak roots. Installing fence-posts. Deploying dung as fertiliser.

Unfavorable: Planting salad. Canning or storing fruit, vegetables and provisions.


libraTime: 23.9.-22.10., general traits: Element air. Descending force. Ruler: Venus. Motto: „I balance“.
Aesthetics. Seeks harmony, but is indecisive. Oscillating towards equilibrium.

Waxing moon from April until October, waning moon from October until April.

Body: Hips, thighs, bladder, kidneys.

Garden: Blossoms. A rather neutral sign when concerning works in the garden.

Beneficial: Sowing and planting of flowers and blossoming herbs. Fertilising of flowers which do not blossom.


scorpioTime: 23.10.-21.11., general traits: Element water. Descending force. Ruler: Mars. Motto: „I wish“.
Attracted towards secrets and the mystic. Piercing mind.

Waxing moon from May until November, waning moon from November until May.

Body: reproductive organs, also bladder and kidneys.

Garden: Foliage and leafs. All healing herbs have special power when harvested with moon in Scorpio. Very beneficial: sowing, planting and harvesting of healing herbs. Fighting slugs and snails in the garden with egg-shells with waxing moon.

Beneficial: sowing and planting foliage vegetables. Mowing the lawn. Watering indoor and balcony plants. Fertilising flowers and lawn (not good for vegetables).

Unfavorable: Cutting fruit trees and bushes, especially in spring with waxing moon. Cutting down trees.


sagittariusTime: 22.11.-21.12., general traits: Element fire. Both descending as well as ascending force. Ruler: Jupiter. Motto: „I see“.
Future is most important, the whole more important than the detail. The big picture is seen.

Waxing moon from June until December, waning moon from December until June. Like in Gemini, the weather often changes when Moon enters Sagittarrius.

Body: Hips, pelvis, thighs.

Garden: Fruits. Very beneficial: sowing and planting of all fruits and tall growing vegetables likes beans or hops.

Beneficial: Cutting fruit trees with waning moon in spring. Growing grain, expecially corn. Fertilising grain, vegetables and fruit in spring, needs to be done at waning moon or full moon. Killing vermin above ground.

Unfavorable: Weeding and chopping fields, the weed will grow back fast. Planting salad.


capricornTime: 22.12.-19.1., Element earth. Ascending force. Ruler: Saturn. Motto: „I use“.
Direct, serious, rigid, ambitious, enduring and willful.

Waxing moon from July until January, waning moon from January until July.

Body: Bones and knees. Joints.

Garden: Roots. Very beneficial: weeding with waning moon. Building paths and roads. Setting stones.

Beneficial: Sowing and planting of root vegetables and vegetables for winter. Cutting down all kinds of plants with waning moon. Creating a dungheap or compostmound with waning moon. Killing vermin underground. Fertilising flowers with weak roots. Canning, conserving and storing of root vegetables only with waning moon.


aquariusTime: 20.1.-18.2., general traits: Element air. Ascending force. Ruler: Saturn. Motto: „I know“.
Intuitive and sparkling mind. The mind strives for freedom.

Waxing moon from August until February, waning moon from February until August.

Body: Calves and ankles. Avoid standing for long hours on Aquarius. Varicose veins should not be surgically treated with moon in Aquarius.

Garden: Blossoms. Days with moon Aquarius are rather poor dates for any garden or field works.


piscesTime: 19.2.-20.3., general traits: Element water. Ascending force. Ruler: Jupiter. Motto: „I believe“.
Altruism. Borders dissolve.

Waxing moon from March until September, waning moon from September until March.

Body: Feet. All sorts of drugs have a stronger effect. Waning moon in Pisces is a good date to treat warts.

Garden: Foliage and leafs.

Beneficial: Weeding. Fertilising of flowers, but not often because of vine fretters.

Unfavorable: Replanting, because the plants will not root into the ground.

The signs of the Western Zodiac and their respective properties of the body:

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