Building a house using the forces of the moon

mondaThe forces of the moon can be used to ones advantage when buliding a house. Main rule of thumb is that when you want to combine two different building materials, you ought to do this at the time of the waning moon. This rule applies to all types of techniques: glueing, mixing, melting, pressing, nailing, etc.

Water will react to the phases of the moon and which sign it actually visits.  To make the construction solid and stable, it is better to take advantage of the time of the waning moon.

The forces of the moon when excavating the base of a house

There are two entirely different methods using the forces of the moon, both using the main principle that water tends to well up and show itself at waxing moon and tends to seep down and hide itself in the earth at waning moon.

Waning moon technique: starting construction at waning moon the construction pit tends to keep dry and stable. The same goes for the basement of the house once it is complete. Cellars and main walls tend to be stable and cohesive. Cracks and humidity are rare. Therefore, these works should be done when the moon is waning, but NOT in any water sign. The worst case is to start excavating when the moon is in a water sign and in the waxing phase.
Apart from the construction pit, the drainage should be laid with waxing moon in a water sign. One can start the excavation approaching new moon and then advance with the drainage with waxing moon.

Waxing moon technique: At the time of waxing moon, the technique uses the contrary effect. If you have to start the excavations with waxing moon, then start doing it in a water sign and make sure that the drainage system is laid immediately, also with moon in a water sign. The advantage of this is that the water will show where it will flow and it will take on the offer of a new bed of the drainage system.
The waning moon technique tends to keep your house dry in the first place and the waxing moon technique ensures that the water is running off your premises well.