The five elements of the rooms

The function and usage of the individual rooms in a house yields the affiliation with one of the five elements. It is useful to know the elemental or five phases property of each room. The element of the room interacts with the elemental property of the eight palaces or eight main directions, which are the eight Guas.

Nursery represents 木 Wood

The nursery is the room where the children or the offspring is playing and sleeping. Children grow fast, so they are represented by the Wood element. While usually it is a good idea not to have too flashy colours or gadgets in the living space, for a nursery it is quite alright to have some colourful decor in this room. For young children, it is also helpful to have animals on display,the children will pick up the spiritual properties of the animal. For example, if you have a wallpaper displaying elephants in a nursery, it helps the child to become smarter and more responsible. If the child is lucky to have a pet and is made to care for it, that is even better, to care for another being will boost the confidence level of the child. Check the chinese horoscope of the child to decide which animal would be most beneficial. Nursery respresents the liver. Also, this article may be of interest to you in case you are active parents.

Bedroom represents 金 Metal

The bedroom is the place to retreat. Most cognitive processes go to sleep there or are drawn to within. So the bedroom is represented by the element of metal. Bedroom and kitchen are the most important rooms in Feng Shui. If in doubt, go for the physical Feng Shui to be correct or at least not detrimental there first, before considering formula. It is good Feng Shui to have a solid bed with the head to the wall. If possible, sleep with the head towards one of your auspicious directions. Bedroom should have as little Fire items in it as possible: no TV, no Computer, or electrical devices. A bathroom connected directly to the bedroom is bad Feng Shui, I have seen that a lot in the US. Make sure your feet are not pointing towards the door. In most cases the headboard should not be below the window, here some exceptions prove the rule, but be careful. Bedroom represents the lungs.

Kitchen represents 火 Fire

The kitchen is the palace of Fire. It is the prime space for transformation in the house and in the traditional Feng Shui view, just as tin the traditional western view, the main palace of the woman. You can say a lot about the woman in Feng Shui once you see the state of the kitchen. Kitchen itself refers to the stomach, but the heart of the kitchen is the stove. The stove together with the bed is one of the key items in traditional Feng Shui, and of its placement should be taken much care and consideration. Stove is important for making money. If you know how to set up the stove correctly, it helps to make money and keep the woman more happy in a relationship. Just as much as the stomach area is in charge of the emotional state of a person, the condition of the kitchen is related to the emotional Feng Shui of the people living there. Keep the stove safe from attacks by water, like the faucet etc, give the stove a solid wall at the back, and have it in a secure place, where nobody can snatch away your money opportunities just like that. Too much fire in a kitchen is no good thing neither, avoid excessive red colour. To keep the man of the house happy, better not have the kitchen in the Qian palace.

Livingroom represents 土 Earth

In the livingroom, placement of TV and the seating furniture is important, also the placement of the cabinets and plants, if you have any. Like in the kitchen, try to not place the TV in Qian palace. The number and size as well as placement of sofas and armchairs will have a significant impact on the relationship. If possible, put the sofa with its back to a wall. The livingroom also is in charge of your relationships with colleagues, friends and associates. Therefore, be careful in your choice of pictures and items displayed in the livingroom. It is a good idea to have the living room tidy and not tooo cramped up with stuff at all times. The organ represented by the livingroom is the spleen.

Bathroom represents 水Water

The bathroom is the palace of water and in the modern day also the space for the dirty water. Water is money in Feng Shui. The main item in the modern day bathroom of course is the toilet. However, the toilet is Sha Qi, so it is a good idea to put it as carefully into any location as the stove and bed. Namely, stove and bed should be affected as little as possible by the toilet. A bathroom should never be dirty or damp. If you cannot have a window, or natural light in there, at least make sure the ventilation is able to suck out the damp air. In the old days, the toilet was placed outside of the house, this still is the best placement of the toilet. Toilet in Qian or Kun palace is not a good thing. Bathroom represents the kidneys. Learning about the Feng Shui impact of the bathroom was a fun thing for me, it was not quite what I expected. If in doubt, ask the Feng Shui practitioner of your choice.

Always remember that the outside influences weigh about 70% of the Feng Shui. Inside you can adjust to about 30% of the influences. Most outside influences are fixed these days, even more so in case you live in an apartment. So it is a good idea to have the Feng Shui of a place assessed before you move in. Some things can be fixed, while others cannot.

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