Simple Money Feng Shui

This article is more about the psychological part of Feng Shui.

First of all, are you comfortable with money? Do you like getting and having money, do you even love it? If so, then this article might be useful for you. It helps you to cherish your money. Are you ok with more money coming in? Then cherish it! Make your money a good home, just as you would make your house a good home for yourself with Feng Shui. So with some exceptions, in general money should not be „flying around“ in your space, like being carelessly left anywhere in or around the house. Random pennies on the floor, on cupboards or tables, or money being washed in the washing machine are a sign you do not care about your pennies and bills. Your pennies „will know“ 😀 and in return and might dissipate or stray off to somewhere else they feel more appreciated 😉
Lately, I was very sick and forgot to take out a bunch of 20 Euro notes out of the pocket of my shirt into their happy lair. My beloved partner cared for me when I was sick and put the shirt into the washing machine. When they bills came out they were very clean, however i „randomly“ lost a bunch of money by a weird coincidence on the same day. You may laugh about my stupidity, or you may laugh about the „superstitious“ connection of these two unconnected occurrences. But hey, once I delved into the wondrous world of coincidences by the philosophy of Feng Shui, I found them to be somewhat reliable. The Jungians may call this phenomenon „Synchronicty“.
Ok back to the topic. To cherish your money, have it have some safe and neat place. That place should be sheltered. A safe is a good place, but not everybody wants a safe. It also is not so much about the amount you store there, but the feeling you have when putting and having it there. It can be a high quality little chest or a beautifully made box, or any other high quality container you do like. Put that nice container into a good safe place in your home, where nobody sees it. Then make it the home of your wallet. Then treat it like a Dragon would treat its own hoard of gold and jewels.
As a sidenote, some people have glass jars filled with coins on display. That can be good too, but that type of symbology works on different mechanics and with a different purpose.

The wallet

The wallet is the symbol for your actively used money, there goes a current through it called currency. In Feng Shui, money equals water. You want your money to be in a neat order inside of your wallet. Separate the coins from the bills. Order the bills neatly and uncrumpled by their value. Have the bills facing the same side. Doing this as a habit, you might find to have your money affairs in better order. The wallet itself should be intact. If the wallet is broken or in a bad shape, it might be time to go for a new one. The colour of the wallet is hotly debated in the Feng Shui world, but I would not give it too much attention. Black stands for Water, you can´t go wrong with this. Some people use the colour of their money symbol from the astrological chart, but then the chart needs to be able to hold the money. I think its best if you really like your wallet. Besides of neatly ordered money, what else to put inside a wallet? Things which represent your own money of course! For example a bank card with money on its account is good. But if there is a credit card inside of it with huge debts on its account, that is not good purse Feng Shui. Also, having old receipts of paid bills are no good. Some people carry around pictures of loved ones in their purse. Guess where your money is drawn towards in such a case 😉
Something that tends to work very well is to have a 100 or 200 Euro bill in your wallet at all times, no matter how low on money you are.
As mentioned above, these simple „tricks“ are helping your attitude towards money. It is likely you will become more careful with it. These ideas are more a sidenote when it comes to money in Feng Shui, the main agents are in your horoscope (BaZi) and as for Feng Shui in the disposition and arrangement of the waterflows outside of your apartment, house, or site. Those tend to be way more powerful.