How to make a building disappear by using Feng Shui


The older lady was scared about the Junkieshelter the city council had decided to establish in a house across the street of her main door. She asked if Feng Shui possibly could help. I went to the place and found that indeed that Junkieshelter was not adding any especially good vibes to the neighbourhood. Many junkies are artists, well able to express their states of mind. They had installed quite a few selfmade art objects in their front yard, like a sculpture made of huge shards of broken mirror glass, some monster-like statues and the like. The old lady already had a proper hedge surrounding her house, obviously that was not enough to shield her from the terror across.

I inquired her birthdate and measured the Sitting and Facing of her house. I found that the house, her birthdate and also the year in which she asked me were in the same group of hexagrams (using the so called „bloodlink kinship of hexagrams“. That type of method is from within the school of Xuan Kong Da Gua and I decided this might be a way to tackle the issue.

I calculated the month, day and hour the chirurgical Feng Shui incision had to be made, which then was about 2 months in the future. I asked her to go to a local stonemason and look for some elongated erratic boulder around 1,5m tall, which appealed well to her. The thing had to be delivered on the calculated day to her door. Using the bloodlink method, the stone was to be placed and erected at the correct spot at the correct month, day and hour, in sync with her birthdate and the positioning of the house.
All went well, the stonemason delivered the rock on the correct day and the stone was put into place at the correct time. By applying the Chinese characters for „TaiShan“ (China`s holy mountain), a protective Talisman was created.

About two months later i got curious. I called the lady and asked about that problem house. She replied „Oh, I totally forgot about that house. It is just like as it has disappeared“.

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