Feng Shui of the White House

No, the other White house, the one of the TV-show characters Walter and Skyler White from „Breaking Bad“.

Good movies often show Feng Shui features fitting to the story

Did you ever notice that artists e.g. like show producers successfully implement valid Feng Shui rules into their work? It just seems to work. Let´s have a look at the Feng Shui of the White`s house of the show „Breaking Bad“.

Quelle: https://www.eonline.com/news/634533/people-are-throwing-pizza-because-they-love-breaking-bad-and-that-needs-to-stop

Poison Arrows out and in

The location of the house the show was filmed at shows a vicious poison arrow hitting the house, namely the garage which is located on the left or Dragon side of the house. Left side is male side, the garage is huge. Like in the show it suggests that the male is out a lot but also meeting with a lot of adversity. The arrow directly hits the garage (male).

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It is also obvious that the house has two heads. Just like Skyler and Walter fighting for dominance of the family all throughout the show.

Quelle: https://breakingbad.fandom.com/wiki/White_Residence?file=White_Residence.png

Zooming closer, we see a dead tree in a sea of gross pebbles on the right (female) side. The wife has lots of troubles and a hard life, difficult emotions.
The lot has no boundary, the Qi cannot gather.
The entrance to the house is very hard to find and clogged by brushes where they should not be. This house has breathing problems. Walter in the show gets lung cancer, a life threatening condition. The tree stands for the male. Fittingly to the sharp branches piercing the entrance, in the show he is coughing blood. Even when the tree is green, the wife does not support him too well. There is little nutrition in pebbles and the humidity in the soil evaporates fast.
Besides that, the house gives an air of being rigidly meek and conforming to the outside. It is easy to infringe on these nonexistent boundaries.
There is nothing to hold the Qi in, money flows away fast. As quickly as he gets it in the show, as quickly he is dead broke again in an instant.

Quelle: https://breakingbad.fandom.com/wiki/White_Residence?file=WhiteHouse.png

Stepping in, like in many US american houses, we already have entered the living room. In the US, most everybody is „your buddy“ from the start.
In the case of the White´s house, the main door crashes directly into the suite. Think of Hank and Marie´s kind of overbearing type of „help“ they offer to their siblings, or that of the school director, or that of the Schwartz couple… there is always someone who knows it better and that with certainty.

Looking in from the living room, we see the inside poison arrow splitting the house in two halves:

Quelle. https://breakingbad.fandom.com/wiki/White_Residence?file=WhiteHouseHallway.png

The bedroom is located at the side of the end of the arrow, there the energy of the propelled Qi crashes in. Walt Jr.´s room is to the right in the middle of the arrow, he does not get too much attention anyway.

Also in the show we have the water theme: a pool behind the house likely makes for mental or physical troubles, the water coming from the taps inside of the house in the beginning of the show is always dirty and also does not heat up well. Again drained and cold emotions, dirty money/water, a pool of either clean water nobody ever uses or swims in except for the one time Skyler makes her fake suicide attempt or when Walter Jr. throws up into it. Oh yeah, the burnt doll dropping from the exploded plane likes to swim in it too. And the Eye of God watching over all this madness is harboured by Walter after he secures it out of the pool sink and furtherly will watch over his fate once the Salamanca brothers arrive to kill him. Otherwise the pool is empty and drained in the later episodes.

Once he got the boiler going by having exchanged it to a top model, at least the dull emotions are gone past…

But is that a house of a supervillain? Not really. Has any of this any meaning outside of the TV show? Who knows. But in real life, the owners had to put up sturdy fences to stop the infringements of crazy fans throwing pizzas onto their garage roof, see the first picture. That was a necessary Feng Shui cure, but looking at how they did it, i think they overdid it.

Quelle: https://www.velvetropes.com/backstage/breaking-bad-house

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