Feng Shui for 2022

The Chinese New Year in 2022 starts on February the 4th, it is the year of the Water Tiger, or RenYin. The Feng Shui chart for this year looks like this:

The two major potentially dangerous influences are called the Tai Sui, representing the ruler, or energy of the year, and the San Sha, which is the opposing element to the element in charge of the year. San Sha likes to be undisturbed, Tai Sui likes to be unopposed and undisturbed.

The Annual Stars fly into their home palaces, which on the one hand raises their energies, yet on the other hand indicates a tendency for becoming stale or obstinate. Major point here is that the ruling Star of them all, Star 5 or Lian Zhen, resides in the center and therefore will exert its influence towards all of the others to some degree. Especially take heed of Star 2, 3 and 7, all of them are in their unlucky cycles. Looking at the palaces or sectors, Earth Star 2 is in the Southwest, Quarrel and Thief Star 3 in the East, Robber Star 7 is in the West. It is a good idea to weaken the influences of Stars 2, 3, 5 and 7 before the start of the new Chinese Year.

On a global scale, China may see a lot more of internal strife and the population of the West in general may see „becoming robbed“, possibly by the mechanisms of inflation, which most people around here tend to ignore as long as they can. So taking care of the West and East sectors in your home may be a good idea. The Southwest is prone to sicknesses and disease. Yet all of the world population may see themselves confronted with a difficult year, the center is you, so take care of yourself.

The auspicious Stars are 1 in the North, which is on the rise and will help your career if activated. Star 6 is weak, authorities are weak. Star 8 is waning but still usable. The brightest Star is 9 -activating or at least strengthening this one is a good idea.

We already are in Period 9!

The great conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn happened on December 21st of 2020. This means that although the common Feng Shui tables say Period 9 should commence only in 2024, we officially already have entered Period 9 (Li) for more than a year. The planets in the Sky do not bother with dusty tables written some centuries ago, and the 60 year cycle is an useful approximation, but not in exact sync with the movement of the planets.
We also entered the 30° sector of Aquarius by that date, which may explain why the masses and also individual humans just do not react like they did predictibly for the last 2500 years.

The year of RenYin is that of the White Tiger. The Water of the Heavenly Stem Ren feeds the Wood of the Earthly Branch Tiger (Yin). That is a ferocious and aggressive beast, afraid of nothing. Expect lots of previously hidden evil stuff to be dragged towards the surface and punished/retributed. The hungry Tiger leaves its den and goes out for prey. Its attack comes suddenly and unexpected. A good year for fighters and warriors of all trades and professions. Courage and bravery will pay back more bounty than in other years. New kings/presidents/heads of state may unexpectedly be on the uprise or in power, even revolutions may be more usual than in other years. Beware of erratic rashes of emotions, from outside or inside. The Tiger is the most Yin of all animals, so it also represents the peoples on this planet…

It is advisable to adjust the Feng Shui of your home in the time prior to February 4th 2022 and not after the new Star configuration already has kicked in. In case you like to get my Feng Shui advice for 2022, just let me know.

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