Dead timepieces

Dead, nonfunctional or broken watches, clocks, or any timepieces correlate to time standing still, no change taking place. Any timepiece should be functional and intact. Even a perfectly well working and pretty timepiece is usually not seen as a good thing in Feng Shui, it reminds us that time is running and never coming back, it is a reminder of getting old and death. The Chinese for that reason never present watches or clocks as a gift. However, in Feng Shui clocks can be used for positive effect or for pressing down negative effects also. It depends on where and how they are placed. But back to the dead timepieces.

So i went hunting for old watches not in use in my place. Pretty surprising to find four of those, one from my time at university, one from a weird time I once bought in Venice and two inherited from my father. The first I kept because it has a surprisingly accurate altitude meter, the second because it is pretty as only the Italians can do it and the other two have a base of gold. The first one („but it has this awesome altitude meter“) went straight to the bin. The second one will leave me in a public book box, with a new battery it is still fully functional and pretty, someone may have a use for it. The third i finally left at he book box too. Main thing I get rid of this junk.

The last one is still functional i found out, so i put it in a direction where it helps generating some supportive energy.

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