The seven influences of the moon

mondThe moon has got seven different states and therefore there are seven influences of the Moon.

The moon completes a full cycle after 27,33 days and then starts a new cycle. There are usually 12 and sometimes 13 cycles in a year. In each cycle the moon normally visits the next sign of the Zodiac. With new moon, the sun and the moon dwell in the same sign. With full moon, the moon resides in the opposite sign than the sun.

These seven states are:

New MoonNew Moon. At the time of New Moon, the moon is visiting the same sign as the sun. The earth starts „breathing in“ at the time of New Moon. The forces of the earth start to rise upwards and outwards. A day of fasting can be most auspicious at New Moon, because the bodys capability to detox is better than on other days.

waxing moonWaxing moon. In the roughly 14 days of waxing moon everything which you take in will be absorbed much better by the body. Diets for example will work less good. The nearer the time approaches towards full moon, the more difficult healing of bone fractures or surgical operations may develop. Washing and cleaning will also be more difficult. The energy of the earth is lifted upwards by approaching Full Moon and it is much more easy to find zones of geopathic stress, hidden wells and underground water streams. It is also best to dig for wells close before or at the time of Full Moon.

Full MoonFull Moon. The upward moving force is at its peak. Emotions tend to be stronger and less contained. Moonstruck people are most active, also are „lunatics“ and criminals. Wounds have a stronger blood flow, the tide is highest and healing herbs collected at the few hours of Full Moon have a stronger effect. The upriseing force helps delivering more babies than on other days. Cutting trees at Full Moon can be very harmful to the trees. It is also the best time to dig out roots and bring them into the house before sunrise.

Waning MoonWaning Moon. The forces of the earth tend to contract and move downwards back into the earth. The earth is breathing out. Cleaning things and joining things together will have a much better and much longer lasting effect. Healing develops at a much more rapid rate and with much better effect. Sowing and planting in the garden will have a much better effect.

Ascending MoonAscending Moon. The moon is ascending in the six signs from Sagittarius until Taurus. Gemini is both ascending as well as descending. This force represents the expanding force of the winter- and spring seasons, expansion, growth and blossom. These qualities will „colour“ the waxing and waning phases of the moon. With ascending moon, everything tends to be more juicy. The growth above ground is favored by the ascinding nature of the sign. Aries and Taurus as well as Sagittarius until Pisces do have an ascending tendency.

Descending MoonDescending Moon. The moon is descending in the six signs from Gemini until Scorpio. Sagittarius is descending as well as ascending. This force represents the contracting force of the summer- and autumn seasons, ripening and maturing, harvest, decline and rest. These qualities will „colour“ the waxing and waning phases of the moon. With descending moon the force tends to go to the roots and inwards. It is a better time to plant trees because they tend to grow better and deeper roots. The signs Cancer until Scorpio are located at the trunk of the body and therefore they tend to exert their effect inwards.

Moon visiting signThe moon visiting one of the twelve signs. The moon will exalt different influences according to the nature of the sign it visits. Especially in gardening, healing and in all construction works these special influences can make a huge difference. A general outline of the effects of the signs can be found here. In general, the sign the moon is in will exert a multiplied effect on the respective area of the body or the analogous elemental value. The respective body parts should not undergo surgical operations or stress, because the impact on the organ will be much higher. On the other hand, medicine given on those respective days will ´have a much more beneficial effect.

Combined effects of the seven influences of the moon

The previously described seven effects can strengthen each other or partly cancel each other out. For maximum effect, use the intended phase and sign parallel and cumulatively. E.g. if there is the need for a surgical operation of the heart, then waxing moon in Leo near Full Moon would be the worst time. On the other hand you can use this exact same time to prescibe and take medicaments designed to heal the heart with best effect.

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