The Forces of the Moon and how to use them in daily Life

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The tides go with the Moon, because the Moon is the ruler of Water. As our body consists of about 85% of water, our bodies are affected by this force, as well as anything else which consits of or has to do with water.

If you know the basic rules of how the Moon influences its realm, you may as well start using that knowledge to your own advantage. This short seminar is all about practical application of this knowledge. Know when to clean your windows so that they stay clean for a longer period o time, know when to buy shoes, know when to clean up or get rid of stuff. We also go into the topic of when to do surgery or going to the dentist, a very useful knowledge to have when it come not wanting complcations.
Plus many many more!

When: Saturday, 21.7.2018, 19:00
Where: Markthalle Basel, Bierrevier
CHF 9.-